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3 Ways Retailers Can Help Customers Make the Most of Spring

Homeowners across North America are getting ready to reclaim their lawns and outdoor spaces from winter’s wrath, and independent home improvement centers will play a key role in helping them this spring. From providing nutrition for grass and plants to servicing lawn care equipment, hardware retailers are the go-to suppliers for homeowners eager to get outside and work their green thumbs.

There are many ways to get prepared for the spring season, like informing customers of lawn mower blade sharpening services or moving mulch pallets into power aisles and strong merchandising locations. Here are three solid ways retailers can help their customers enjoy beautiful lawns and gardens while making the most of spring.

1. Test the Soil

Homeowners wondering when to start applying lawn nutrients can be secure in their choice if they first test their soil for temperature and pH level. Deicing salt from winter might alter the soil’s pH levels. The soil needs to be at a certain temperature to take full advantage of fertilizer and other products.

Display lawn testing products alongside common spring items like fertilizer, mulch and grass seed. Employees should be educated on what temperatures work best for lawns based on the local climate and be able to point customers in the direction of the proper products that match their project needs.

2. Tear It Down, Build It Up

Not every project in the spring is about building something new. Sometimes an area of the house needs to be stripped clean and then revitalized. Decks, outdoor paint and outdoor furniture can all benefit from a springtime spruce.

Have products designed to clear off stains and other coatings alongside new options for customers to test on their homes. If your store has a rental department, have power washers available and prominently displayed. Power washers go a long way in making tasks like cleaning outdoor spaces easier.

3. Finding a Spark

Homeowners might be familiar with some maintenance items for their lawn and garden power tools, but retailers can make sure they’re covering all their bases when preparing their spring to-do list. Beyond blade sharpening and oil changes, lawn mowers likely need spark plugs for the new season. Wheels might need to be readjusted and fuel filters should be replaced.

For hand-held items like trimmers and blowers, offer fuel stabilizers to keep the engine performing at its peak. These items can also have wiring that can become worn after repeated use. Employees can check on the age of a customer’s equipment to offer repair services or replacement if the equipment is too far beyond its recommended service life.

Spring isn’t just for chores. The warm weather means many consumers are getting back to their favorite pastimes and looking to your business for the tools they need to create beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces. Check out the rest of Hardware Retailing‘s Category posts, where you can get tips on a variety of topics like how independent retailers can help customers become the best bird watchers they can be.

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