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Outdoor Lighting

4 Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

No matter the time of year, outdoor lighting can enhance the exterior of the home and create a warm, safe and inviting atmosphere.

When it comes to outdoor lighting for the home, consumers have a plethora of options available to them; from wired products to solar-powered, in designs ranging from rustic to industrial to modern, and units designed for either security, beauty or both. 

Safety and Security: When many consumers think outdoor lighting, they immediately think of things like security lights, especially motion-activated flood lights, which don’t necessarily have a lot of curb appeal. Security lighting doesn’t have to be unattractive; there are options available for motion-activated sensor lights that blend in with the home’s exterior design, such as decorative porch and carriage lights—like Heath®Zenith’s 180 Degree Motion Activated Decorative Lights

Welcoming Family and Friends: Using lighting to draw attention to the home’s main entrance is a great way to welcome guests. Walkway and porch lighting guides them in while also illuminating pathways and steps for safety. Options come not only in a variety of styles to fit outdoor décor, but in both wired and solar options, such as the Solar Multi-Use Filament LED Path Lights in Gun Metal Finish by Westinghouse

Highlighting Garden Features: Whether a fountain, a specimen tree, a statue or flagpole, the right accent lighting can highlight whatever the consumer wishes to draw attention to.

Creating a Fun and Relaxing Space: Private outdoor spaces have become fun retreats for family and friends, especially during the pandemic. Outdoor lighting not only extends evening hours for recreational time, it sets the mood for relaxing and entertaining. For instance, the Lights by Night LED Bistro String Lights can be strung together in lengths up to 750 feet, giving the backyard a party-ready vibe.

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