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4 Habits of a High-Efficiency Sales Team

Most successful sales associates have nailed down the basics of customer service, like smiling and greeting customers as they enter the store. But there is more to sealing the deal than just being polite. Here are four habits that make a high-efficiency sales team:

  1. Assume each customer came to buy something. Don’t even consider asking a customer if they are just browsing.
  2. Create relationships with every customer. Taking time to learn about each customer will build credibility and trust.
  3. Ask the customer qualifying questions. If you’re not asking questions, all you’re doing is showing products.
  4. Help the customer make the purchase. Give customers a final nudge to complete the sale by reminding them why they need the product and reassuring them about their decision.

Source: Doug Fleener, veteran retailer and founder of retail consulting firm the Dynamic Experiences Group. Learn more from Doug at www.dynamicexperiencesgroup.com.   

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