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4 Popular Small Appliances

The latest food trends often determine what’s hot in the small appliance category. People seeking to add more fruits and vegetables into their diets are driving demand for personal blenders, while the latest international hits on Netflix are inspiring adventurous eaters to explore new cooking techniques at home. Here are four popular small appliances that reflect a few of the latest trends. 

Induction Cookers & Hot Plates. Every YouTube chef and tasty cooking video circulating on Facebook uses a hot plate or induction cooker to heat foods for the camera, so it’s not surprising that these transportable appliances are trending. Here are two hot plates that made Good Housekeeping’s list of 5 Best Hot Plates and Houzz’s list of 50 Best Small Kitchen Appliances for 2020.

Rosewill 1800-Watt Induction Cooker including Stainless Steel Pot. This energy-efficient cook top uses a magnetic field to heat compatible cookware faster than traditional heat sources.  

Aroma Single Burner Hot Plate. This BPA-free electric burner has an easy-to-clean finish and is made with die-cast construction. 

Specialty Appliances. After bingeing on the latest Netflix shows set in foreign lands, home cooks may want to experiment with new techniques, like melting cheese or baking Danish desserts. They can make that happen with these two appliances.

Boska® Raclette Mini 110V. Melted cheese for two couldn’t be easier with this raclette grill that melts cheese in the traditional Swiss style, while grilling meat and veggies to go with it.  

Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan. Aebleskiver is a cake pan that was developed to make Danish fruit-filled pancake balls, but it can be used for other recipes like hush puppies and Oysters Rockefeller. The seasoned cast iron pan offers consistent heat and easy release.    

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