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Tailgating Award Winners

The 2019 Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ Game Ball Awards were presented at the National Hardware Show this year by Tailgater Magazine, a parking lot and backyard BBQ publication with the latest in products and gear as well as food and drink recipes. The experts of Tailgater Magazine awarded top companies in the Tailgate, Backyard & BBQ area of NHS for their innovation and products that were also showcased to retailers and now may be available in their stores.

Best New Product Overall: The new 6-Rack Bradley Smoker was voted best new product for its unique smoke generating system that burns flavor briquettes for 20 minutes each (advancing a new one after the time allotted) providing consistent temperature for a better smoked flavor. The user-friendly manual controls (and digital controls) also aid in providing even temperature and even smoke automatically, without constant attention. The Bradly Smoker produces hot or cold smoke and can be used as a slow cooker or slow roasting oven, making it a handy multipurpose item for camping trips. The size of a small fridge, it is light enough to carry to any tailgating event.   

Best Innovation: The innovative CasusGrill™ is eco-friendly and biodegradable, perfect for camping and tailgating. The lightweight, easy to pack, single use grill is made from a cardboard outer shell lined with lava rock and topped with a bamboo grill rack. Once the bamboo charcoal bricks are lit in the center, the grill is ready to use in five minutes and retains heat for up to an hour.

Best Overall Product: The Tailgater from Ukiah Co. was awarded the best overall product for its ability to ignite music. The portable fire pit plays music by day and, with the flip of a switch, produces fire at night. Or, for those who prefer both, the Tailgater offers patented dancing flame technology where the fire keeps the beat to the music being played.

  Best Tailgate Concept: Seafood boils and fish fries are attainable for backyard cooks everywhere with products from LoCo® Cookers. The company provides all the items necessary for a perfect backyard foodie party, from cart boilers and fryers to boiling kits and stands. Users can boil anything from peanuts to king crab legs and fry anything from fish to turkeys with the company’s convenient kits.

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