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4 Ways Positive Culture Powers Your Business

In the January issue of Hardware Retailing, you read how Hassett Hardware and Friedman’s Home Improvement took steps to evaluate and improve their workplace culture. As each company united behind a single goal, teams grew closer and found new ways to improve the customer experience.

Working to improve your workplace culture can lead to new wins in key areas of your business. Learn four ways taking an aerial view of your business and creating a positive, inclusive culture can strengthen your operation.

1. A positive culture helps you differentiate.

Your business is your own. The values you set for it and the way your employees represent it define how others view your company. By investing in your culture on a ground level, you can shape your business to reflect positive ideals like community spirit, superior customer service and service from a knowledgeable team.

2. A positive culture boosts accountability.

When you focus on strengthening your workplace culture, you can also establish performance expectations. Many programs that evaluate culture recommend establishing a set of core values, and by putting those in writing and sharing them with your team, you ensure everyone in the team is operating by the same standards. Articulating your core values removes gray areas for employees by establishing clear standards.

3. A positive culture highlights best practices.

One of the main benefits of a culture review at your business is improving efficiency. When business owners and management commit to reviewing all facets of the operation, they can also discover best practices to share with all employees. From improving safety in the workplace to boosting sales, sharing best practices can strengthens every member of your business.

4. A positive culture guides teams to success.

The most empowering workplace cultures aim to improve every part of an operation, from hiring and training to long-term planning. When employees from all levels decide to review their workplace culture and take steps to strengthen it, the company can works toward a single purpose. When teams unite and rely on their varied skills, a business can offer streamlined service to customers.

About Todd Taber

Todd Taber
Todd is an assistant editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. He graduated from Indiana University where he majored in journalism and French. Throughout his career, he has aimed to highlight small businesses and their community value. He joined NRHA in 2017 and now serves on the news and marketing teams. In his free time, he likes to run, spend time with family and travel the country.

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