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6 Components of a Strong Leader

How do you identify a worker in your operation who is ready to be a leader? You may have team members already on staff who can fill shift supervisor and assistant manager roles, so take some time to build up their skills and help them be more confident as leaders in your operation. Start by giving them small responsibilities, like resetting endcaps, and as they succeed with those tasks, find additional leadership opportunities, such as delegating staff to unload a shipment or train new team members. 

Take a look at the qualities here that contribute to a successful leader. If you think you have someone in your business who has some of these characteristics, but may need a boost in other areas, check out the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) Foundations of Leadership program. The 16-week online course helps up-and-coming leaders become more effective communicators and decision-makers. Click here to learn more or contact NRHA’s Scott Wright to find out if someone on your staff would be a good fit for the program.  


About Melanie Moul

Melanie Moul
Melanie is the managing editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. She worked in central Pennsylvania for several years after college and returned to the Hoosier State in late 2016 to join the NRHA team. In her spare time, she enjoys testing new recipes and watching online makeup tutorials. She and her husband are raising their son and two fur children in Indianapolis.

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