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Hand Tools and Power Tools

6 Hand and Power Tools Every Retailer Should Sell

While most DIYers won’t ever need a full arsenal of hand and power tools, even the least handy homeowners can benefit from keeping a few staple tools on hand. Consider merchandising these products together as a “must-have kit” to encourage sales and help your customers see what basics they need. 

Cordless drill. One of the most versatile power tools available, a cordless drill is helpful for everything from hanging curtains to building a deck. Models with ion-lithium batteries provide longer use time. Cordless drills provide opportunities for add-on sales too, with items like extra batteries and drivers. 

Circular saw. Another versatile power tool, a circular saw can be used for many projects that require cutting and saves time and energy over using a hand saw. Circular saws are lightweight and can cut everything from lumber timbers to sheets of plywood. Add-on products for circular saws include extra blades and safety glasses. 

Screwdriver set. The screwdriver is helpful for a variety of household projects, from removing light switch covers to fixing a door knob. Homeowners should have a set that includes both flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers. 

Tape measure. Basic but useful, the tape measure is a necessary tool in any toolbox, helping DIYers follow the old adage to measure twice, cut once. Stock tape measures in different price points to give customers plenty of options. 

Hammer. Useful for more than just hammering nails, the hammer can remove old nails from walls, open paint cans and split wood. Consider selling hammers in good, better and best price points so customers can choose the best for their budget. 

Plier set. Prepare your customers for nearly any home improvement project with a quality set of pliers in a variety of sizes and types, including tongue-and-groove, side-cutting, needle-nose and slip-joint pliers. 

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