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A Roundup of SEO Resources

SEO, or search engine optimization, is made up of hidden keywords and tags that help your website rise to the top of potential customers’ online searches. Because potential customers will visit your website for information that is industry- or business-specific, it’s important that your website has the information already working in the background to lead them to you. To help you tackle SEO on your business’s website, we rounded up the following resources.

The Basics

  • Understanding what SEO is and how it helps your website rise to the top of search results is the first step to using it the right way. The website platform WordPress offers this overview and dispels common SEO myths.
  • Once you have a basic understanding of SEO, check out this list of the six elements your website should have that can boost your website ranking and help visitors quickly understand what your website is about and if it’s relevant to their search.

The Details

  • If you’re ready to try your hand at updating your website to include all the elements you need to achieve strong SEO, this thorough tutorial takes you through the basics one more time and offers some technical information on how web searches work.
  • Having the information your website visitors are searching for is part of the user experience. Check out this resource to learn more about how good SEO improves the user experience.

For more resources about building and maintaining a strong presence online through social media and your website, check out these additional resources from Hardware Retailing.

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