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Affordable Care Act Will Deliver More Taxes and Fees, Soon

Did you realize that all companies offering a health insurance plan will soon have TWO additional tax/fee deadlines to comply with? Consider:

  • The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fee (or more commonly referred to as PCORI fee) is due by July 31 and must be submitted with IRS Form 720. This is a $2/covered person fee.
  • The Reinsurance Fee went into effect January 1 and is a $63/covered person fee, although the first installment is not due until January 15, 2015.

These two new requirements join a longer list of existing requirements, which continues to leave people confused about the ACA. But before you take any action, we invite you to look into what the NRHA Group Health Insurance Program offers. Partnering with Custom Benefits Insurance Group, the NRHA Group Health Insurance Program is another solution to group health insurance offering a host of options.

For more information on how the Plan can help your business, contact Bob Chiesa, President, Custom Benefits Insurance Group, Inc. at: 888-201-7408 or cbigi@msn.com and reference the NRHA Group Health Insurance Program.

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