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Chad Husted
Chad is an assistant editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. A Purdue University graduate, Chad has covered sports and news at the high school, college and Olympic levels as a sports writer, editor and designer for multiple newspapers. Prior to joining the NRHA, he was the sports editor for the Herald Journal in Monticello, Indiana, and a designer and copy editor for the AIM Media Indiana group in Columbus, Indiana. When not cultivating his beard, he enjoys backpacking, cooking, traveling and watching too much sports and Netflix.

Aluminum Grill and Smoker

grill and smoker

The PK360 charcoal grill and smoker takes the traditional cast aluminum design of previous PK grills and adds a new stand and side tables. The interior architecture along with the four-point venting system is designed to optimize air flow for …

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Chalk Paint Starter Kit


BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder can be added to any brand and color flat latex paint to create a chalk application. The Starter Kit includes powder, one specialty paint brush and a wax brush, brush conditioning soap, mixing jars, mini …

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Extension Pole

extension pole

The Sturdi-Extend extension pole features a fiberglass outer tube with a steel inner tube. The pole incorporates a double-locking feature where the inner tube locks inside the outer tube as well as an exterior locking assembly where the tubes transition. …

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Filtering Water Pitcher

water filter

The Cleansui pitcher is the top-selling water pitcher purification system in Japan, filters water with a combined activated-carbon method and with a hollow fiber membrane at the end of the filter. The membrane removes fine particles up to 0.2 micrometers, …

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Gardening Scoop

garden scoop

The Soil Scoop is designed to dig toward the user, becoming a more natural extension of the hand and reducing stress on the user’s wrist while gardening. It features a sharp point and a serrated edge for removing weeds and …

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Sanitizing Washer Accessory


The pureWash Pro infuses oxygen into the cleaning water of a clothes washer, purifying and sanitizing while also cleaning the clothes or other fabrics inside. It works with cold water and no detergent and installs to front-load and top-load washers …

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Unique Greeting Cards

greeting cards

Jumping Cracker Beans creates handmade greeting cards featuring surprising elements, like real feathers, tiny packets of herbs, cake mix with candy sprinkles, plantable seeds, colorful metallic confetti, Guatemalan worry dolls and friendship bracelets. Its international Card of the Year winner …

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Countertop Sink/Dishwasher


The Streamline Hoods Sink/Dishwasher Combo is top-mounted and comes with a complete accessories package, which includes a draining basket, sealing tape, mounting clips, waste fittings and overflow plastic pipe. The sink bowl material is 304 brushed stainless steel and the …

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