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Hans Cummings

Born in Indiana and raised in Indiana, Germany and Virginia, Hans has worked for NRHA since 2001. He has a B.A. in English from Indiana University and is a published fantasy and science-fiction author. His hobbies include cooking, especially smoking meats, tabletop and video games and supporting space sciences and science education.

Door Draft Stopper

Doors are a prime spot for drafts and interior heating and cooling loss; often it’s due to the loss of the seal located at the bottom of the door itself. MAXTID’s Double Door Draft Stopper slides underneath the door, blocking …

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Premium Poultry Feed

For quite some time, consumers have demanded foods free of genetic modification and unnecessary additives, and that demand extends into foods for their pets and their livestock. Prairie Melody™ Premium Poultry Feed answers that demand with their layer feeds that …

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Hand Stamping Kits

Consumers want personalization and ImpressArt’s hand stamping kits allow them to personalize products themselves. They’ll get started with ImpressArt’s basic stamping tool kit and then add from a variety of S.I.Y. (Stamp it Yourself) project kits ranging from Key Chains, …

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Pet Halloween Costume

Halloween is an increasingly popular holiday, but why only let humans in on the costume fun? With sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large, these costumes come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Nice Pet Products nicepetproducts.com

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Decorative Thermometer

Keep an eye on the temperature outdoors and in the barn with decorative EZRead™ Thermometers from Headwind Consumer Products. With a range from -60 to 140 Fahrenheit/-40 to 60 Celsius, these units can be easily read from a distance, allowing …

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Hoof Rasp with Handle

Properly trimmed hooves provide not only comfort for large animals, but also help provide secure footing, which is key in inclement weather. The hoof rasp from Elite Forge Tools, LLC, offers both a rough surface to file hooves to their …

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Creature Comforts

Cold-weather planning for livestock starts long before the snow begins to fall. Initially, farmers and hobbyists must choose the best breeds for area conditions and then allow the animals to follow their instincts, like gathering together for warmth and gravitating …

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Infrared Heat Lamp

Promote the comfort, health, and well-being of poultry and other livestock during the colder months with the Heat Plus Infrared Heat Lamp. With up to five thousand hours of life, this water-resistant lamp can run on voltages of either 120/130V …

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