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Kate Klein
Kate is profiles editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. She reports on news and industry events and writes about retailers' unique contributions to the independent home improvement sector. She graduated from Cedarville University in her home state of Ohio, where she earned a bachelor's degree in English and minored in creative writing. She loves being an aunt, teaching writing to kids, running, reading, farm living and, as Walt Whitman says, traveling the open road, “healthy, free, the world before me.”

Finders Keepers: How to Recruit and Retain Quality Employees

To view a PDF of this story, click here. By Liz Lichtenberger, llichtenberger@nrha.org and Kate Klein, kklein@nrha.org Your employees are the first contact customers have with your business when they walk in the store. Employees mix paint, repair screens and answer questions, among other tasks. …

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Employee Evaluation Form

Part of retaining high-quality employees is maintaining an ongoing conversation with them about their work performance and their goals for their careers with your business. To learn more about finding and keeping top-notch employees, click here. This employee evaluation form is …

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Curing the Downsides of Smart Home Tech

Smart oven

Smart home technology, such as remotely controlled security systems and appliances, has downsides, such as the many apps needed to control products and incompatibility between different devices that prevent them from working together. “Home automation systems like Nest and Hue are all …

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Smart Home Project Conserves California Water

A smart home built for research at a university has already conserved thousands of gallons of water. The Honda Smart Home, which is located on the University of California’s Davis campus, features energy efficient appliances, lighting and heating and cooling systems. However, …

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Council Meets to Share Industry Insights

The Hardware Marketing Council met earlier this month for a conference designed to connect home improvement industry leaders with each other. The group, which meets twice per year, is made up of  sales and marketing leaders from manufacturers that make products …

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Christmas — a Day for Shopping?

Christmas Shopping

Some consumers might complain about retailers’ push to make Thanksgiving a big shopping day, but others would even shop on Christmas, if given the opportunity. About 18 percent of American consumers would head to retail outlets if they opened at …

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Earning Loyalty via Negative Reviews


Your company’s online reputation can significantly impact your business, but negative online reviews aren’t all bad. Shoppers are increasingly reliant on online reviews when deciding where to shop, and about 44 percent of consumers use the site Yelp to look up businesses, …

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Offer Space For Customers to Share Project Photos

The idea came from a customer who brought a photo album into Horicon Hardware Hank to show off pictures of a room she remodeled. The customer had bought her paints and other products from the Horicon, Wisconsin, store, and was …

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Managing Through Personality Profiles


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