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Banking on Potato Donations

Bavarian Home Hardware in Kimberley, British Columbia, joined other organizations in town for the second year in a row for the Spud Bucket Challenge. For two weeks in late April, customers could purchase  a 15-liter bucket and one seed potato to plant with their own soil for a $10 donation. All proceeds from the donations benefit the local food bank.

“We’re always trying to help the food bank,” says employee Veronica Harris. “We know it’s important, and we plan to participate for many more years.”

The challenge doesn’t end with a potato in a bucket. Community members plant their potatoes and care for them all summer. In September, everyone brings their buckets to the Harvest Garden Party, which is hosted by a local organization focused on sustainability and environmental protection. Prizes are awarded for largest potato, most potatoes grown in a single bucket and most interesting shape. 

At the end of the event, all the harvested potatoes are also donated to the food bank. 

Last year, the store and Topcrop, which donates the seed potatoes, sold 30 buckets and raised $370, plus all the potatoes grown. 

“We’re hoping to sell 50 buckets this year, which would raise $500 for the food bank,” Harris says. “And then we will also donate all of the potatoes grown in the buckets after the Harvest Garden Party this fall.” 

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