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Being a Customer Resource on Flag Care

On Veterans Day, and every day, the American flag symbolizes the sacrifices of Americans who came before us to preserve our freedom and independence. If you sell flags or display them at your store, discover how your business can be a customer resource for those who buy or own flags. Share these standards with your customers so they are well-informed when it comes to respectfully flying the flag.

Flag Display Standards

According to www.USFlag.org, here are some reminders for care and display of the flag.

  • When lowered from a staff, the flag should be received by a person, not lowered to the ground or into a receptacle.
  • Regular washing and mending is encouraged to prolong the life of your flag. Check with your flag’s manufacturer for proper washing procedures.
  • The flag should not be used for advertising purposes. Embellishments of any kind should not be added to the flag, and signs or banners should not share its staff.

Connecting Through the Flag

As a small business owner, it’s apparent that you value American ideals like perseverance and unity. To share your pride in these values, be a customer resource for flag maintenance and display, and find opportunities to honor the flag and give back to those in your community who have defended it.

  • With every flag sale, include a pamphlet or card that outlines maintenance and display standards for customers. Some flag manufacturers include these in the packaging. Consider donating all flag sale profits to a local veterans organization.
  • Connect with your local scout troop or American Legion to host a flag donation day. Encourage the community to bring their damaged flags for proper disposal, and offer free or discounted flags to customers who turn in a damaged flag.
  • If you have a flag on your property outside, consider hosting ceremonies for the community on holidays like Veterans Day or Memorial Day.
  • Display a calendar in your store or share on social media the dates when the flag should be lowered to half-staff. Your state may have days in addition to federal days of observance.

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