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Beyond Organic

Many health issues in humans and pets, from severe problems like cancer and neurological conditions, to the less severe, such as mild asthma and skin conditions, may be associated with pesticides. These risks are driving many modern gardeners to turn to organic and environmentally friendly alternatives for not only pesticides, but also for fertilizers, lawn care, plants, seeds and many other lawn and garden items.

Fortunately, manufacturers are responding to the demand, as was apparent at the 2019 National Hardware Show®, with products from popular vendors like Dr. Earth, Algreen, and American Lawn Mover Co.

Dr. Earth® is well known for organic soils and essential oil-based insect, fungicide and weed controls, and now the company’s organic fertilizers come in a convenient pump and grow formula that was highlighted at the show. Two pumps of the concentrated organic, nontoxic fertilizer (with individualized formulas for specific plants, like fruit and berry or tomato, vegetable and herb) can be fed to plants every two weeks for all the nutrients they need. And, for customers who prefer to make their own compost, National Hardware Show vendor Algreen Products offered a dual-batch tumbling composter that speeds up the composting process, getting nutrients into garden soil or to growing lawns more quickly.

Using fewer fossil fuels is also important to lawn and garden customers. Cleaner, greener solutions for maintaining lawns has been the goal of National Hardware Show vendor American Lawn Mower Co. since 1895. Besides offering electric mowers, the company still sells manual reel mowers for the truly dedicated green thumb.

Regardless of how green your customers are, by offering alternatives to traditional pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and fossil-fueled devices, retailers are certain to attract and appeal to modern gardeners and young homeowners.

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