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Big Boxes Installing In-Store Pickup Options

Home Depot and Walmart have both recently installed in-store pickup options for online orders, USA Today reports.

Customers who make online purchases from Home Depot can come to participating locations, unlock one of the pickup lockers and retrieve their merchandise without ever interacting with an employee, according to the article.

These locker options are one way the home improvement company is “trying to leverage their network of stores—usually one is within a few miles of most Americans—to provide customers with their merchandise soon after it is ordered,” the article says.

Currently, 45 percent of Home Depot’s online orders are picked up in store, USA Today reports.

Lana Johnston, a Home Depot spokesperson, says the lockers are a way for the retailer to stay in tune with customer needs.

“Customer expectations with shopping are changing, and they want as many options as you can possibly give them” Johnston says.

Home Depot plans to have pickup lockers installed at all its stores within three years, according to the article.

In April, Walmart began adding 16-foot-tall pickup towers for online purchases to its stores, according to USA Today. Walmart had installed more than 200 pickup towers at various locations across the country, and the response from customers was “overwhelmingly positive,” and more 500,000 orders had been collected via the pickup towers, the company says.

Walmart will now add 500 addition pickup towers to its stores by the end of the year. The company says after the expansion, 40 percent of the U.S. population will be in proximity to a pickup tower.

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