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Bloomington Kids Shop With Their Own Wheels

At Bloomington Hardware in Bloomington, Indiana, there’s no shopper left behind. No matter the age of the customer, they deserve the best customer service, and for owner Vickie Davison, that means kids having their own cart.

The cart corral near the entrance of Bloomington Hardware resembles the selections of Goldilocks and the Three Bears: This one is tall enough for adults, the next for adolescents and the final, tiniest set of wheels is for small children. Davison says she decided to add the smaller carts when she saw the smallest children in her store weren’t able to reach even her child-size carts and were feeling left out.

“This may be a small thing, but it’s unique and something that kids get a real kick out of,” Davison says.

The carts allow children to emulate their parents, something a lot of kids enjoy at that age, Davison says. The carts also feature tall, solid flagpoles with a sign proclaiming the user a “Shopper in Training.” This offers parents and other adults a quick way to spy a wandering child exploring their local hardware store.

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