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Grilling With a Twist: Try an Infrared Side Burner

Infrared grilling technology has become a social media celebrity. Most of the grilling industry offers some form of scorching hot infrared burner.  It’s exciting to see what other unique uses people will find for this product over time, as it is such a specialty item.

We’ve all seen a video of a giant tomahawk steak getting a full-surface sear over a scorching burner. While they’re fun to cook with, these burners do have limitations. Due to their size, you can only grill one steak at a time. Grillers seldom grill only one steak at a time, but it is a great opportunity to grill something thick and then finish it indirectly on the grill. While infrared side burners emit powerful radiant heat, they don’t have the dynamic temperature range or conductive heat of a direct flame burner. This means they’re not ideal for pots and pans if you intend to use it in place of a side burner. 

 Nonetheless, Broil King is very excited to develop some unique new recipes for the infrared side burner, such as seared Ahi tuna, big reverse seared steaks, jumbo shrimp, Japanese yakitori and beef Wellington, just to name a few.

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