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Build a Base With Foundations of Leadership

If you are looking for a training program to give your new managers or supervisors insight into their leadership skills, the NRHA Foundations of Leadership Program is a solid place to start. 

The 16-week online program is designed to prepare students for the next level of leadership in your operation, whether they are shift managers, assistant managers or training for a more advanced role. It is broken up into six modules that explore each person’s approach to management and their communication styles.  

Tom Marcum, director of recruitment for the NRHA Retail Leadership Institute, says this program is geared toward retailers who are on the cusp of beginning new leadership roles in their company. 

“We’ve developed the curriculum for the Foundations of Leadership Program to resonate with people who were recently promoted to supervisory positions or who are generally curious to learn more about their leadership styles,” Marcum says. “It’s an all-encompassing program that helps people improve their management skills.”

The online format allows students to work through the modules on their own time, which Marcum says is another benefit to the program.

“Because this program is online, it provides a lot of flexibility for people who can’t get away from the business to attend in-person training programs,” Marcum says. “Students have a set period to work through each module, but they can complete them at their own pace during that time frame.”

Networking with other students is another added benefit of the program. Retailers can communicate with their classmates through the online platform during the session, which is a great way to learn new ideas and get feedback on operations and management challenges.

In 2019, there are three opportunities to enroll in the program, with sessions taking place in winter, summer and fall. The application deadline for the winter session is Jan. 4, 2019, and the program kicks off on Jan. 7. 

Contact Tom Marcum at tmarcum@nrha.org or 317-275-9430, or visit nrha.org/fol for more information. 

The NRHA Foundations of Leadership Program features six modules that are focused on helping students recognize their leadership and communication styles so they can become better, more effective leaders in their operations.

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