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Build Up Your Beekeeping Inventory

According to IBIS World, the market size, measured by revenue, of the beekeeping industry is $645.6 million and expected to increase 1.5 percent in 2022. Stock these beekeeping essentials to become a one-stop shop and increase customer loyalty. 

Woodenware. Bee colony homes are predominantly constructed out of wood and are the first step toward building a bee colony. This NUC Kit from American Bee Supply LLC is a great starter box and holds up to five 9 ⅛ inch frames.

Protective clothing. Especially important for beginners, protective beekeeping clothing like veils, gloves and suits are vital to your customers’ safety. Bees & Co’s Natural Cotton Beekeeper Suit with Round Veil is a basic, unisex and polycotton option to stock for customers. 

Smoker. A quality beekeeping smoker is vital to calming bees during hive maintenance and honey harvesting. Good Land Bee Supply’s GLSMKR Beekeeping Beehive Smoker is compact and portable and includes a heat shield, mounting hook, leather bellow and three smoke fuel logs.

Hive tool. Used to separate parts of the hive during an inspection, hive tools assist in prying the beehive lid off, removing burr comb, separating supers or boxes, removing debris off the floorboard and loosening hive components. Mann Lake’s HD584 Steel Hive Tool is a classic option made of rust and abrasion-resistant stainless steel.

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