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Business Services Save Retailers Time and Money

Contending with legal issues is a must for independent business owners. Tasks in those categories often come with headaches and dollar signs. NRHA partners with a variety of service providers to offer alternative, affordable solutions for complicated services like insurance and credit card processing.

Your trade association recommends the following North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) Business Services partners for your needs. Even if you aren’t ready to make a change, consider reaching out to your association’s partners to see if you could be saving time and money. 

Health Insurance

Whether you have one employee or 1,000, the NRHA Health Insurance Plan makes offering insurance to employees possible. Retailers using the plan say it’s saved them money on health insurance and has allowed them to offer great benefits.

POS Integration

Are you looking to strengthen your business’s online presence and boost your foot traffic? Pointy makes it easier for local customers to find your products through Google. Learn more about Pointy and NRHA’s exclusive discount here.

Credit Card Processing

Clearent offers retailers low credit card processing fees, new payment service technology and educational opportunities, giving business owners quality payment solutions for their companies.

Business Insurance

Member Insurance specializes in hardware and other home improvement operations to offer a wide variety of insurance related services, including business insurance, roadside assistance, cyberliability insurance and more.

Human Resources

Group Management Services takes on human resources tasks that many small and midsize businesses don’t have the time or expertise to effectively manage. Tasks range from payroll and taxes to employee benefits and risk management.

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