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Aging Pets

Caring for Aging Pets

Older pets face the same health issues as people do, including cancer, heart disease, kidney and urinary issues, liver disease, diabetes, joint pain, senility and loss of muscle mass. Caring for senior pets requires attention to changes in behavior that could indicate health problems. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), older pets also require the additional care and considerations.

  • Semi-Annual veterinary visits
  • Easy-to-digest foods with appropriate calorie levels and anti-aging nutrients
  • Weight control: weight gain in older dogs increases risk of health problems while weight loss in older cats is a cause for concern
  • Parasite control: older pets can’t fight off diseases and heal as fast as younger pets
  • Appropriate exercise: pets can lose mobility if they aren’t active
  • Monitoring of mental health: pets don’t show signs of senility, interactions can keep them mentally active 
  • Lifestyle changes such as creating alternative sleeping areas to avoid stairs and limiting time outside  
  • Spay and neuter: non-neutered or non-spayed pets are at higher risk of mammary, testicular and prostate cancer  

Retailers can help pet owners provide the best possible care for aging pets by making them aware of the AVMA’s list, and by providing the latest in senior pet products like Suzie’s CBD Treats, a new organic CBD pet treat from Colorado that provides relief for arthritis, anxiety, chronic pain and seizures. And, to help pet owners clean up after aging pets, consider stocking Mostenbocker’s Lift Off, a water-based and biodegradable pet stain remover that breaks the molecular bond to remove stains from carpet and fabric without damaging surfaces. 

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