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Showerheads to Show Your Customers

Showerheads can make or break a bathing experience, and many customers have their own opinions on what makes a good showerhead. Stock a variety of showerheads in your operation to cater to every customer’s needs, no matter their preferences.   Eco-friendly: …

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5 Must-Have Products to Keep Drawers Organized

drawers organized

Last year, a OnePoll survey found that almost 90% of American households have a junk drawer. Junk drawers allow us to keep items out of sight and out of mind but make it hard to find what we need quickly. Fortunately, …

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3 Alternative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper uses

Going beyond walls, wallpaper can be an easy way to add interest, color or pattern to other items around the home. Here, we share a list of items that would look great wallpapered. Share these ideas with your customers to …

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Getting Rid of Graffiti

Graffiti Removal

While graffiti is sometimes commissioned as private or public art, many times graffiti pops up in unauthorized areas and is considered a nuisance. Stock graffiti abatement products and educate your customers about the best ways to use them to help …

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Lightening Leaf Litter

cleaning leaves

Fall is just around the corner, and for many areas of the country that means an abundance of one thing: leaves. Allowing leaves to accumulate in the yard can cause fungus and disease and destroy the grass. Provide your customers …

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Keeping Clean on the Farm

woman brushing a horse

Working on a farm or ranch involves tons of hard work, including plenty of cleaning. From the barns to the field to the animals themselves, cleanliness is crucial to running a successful farm or ranch. To keep your farm and …

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Prepping With the Right Products

paint prep with masking tape

When painting a room, it’s easy for consumers to focus on paint colors and applicators, but paint prep products are just as important to the painting process. Stock these products, and consider creating a paint prep area or endcap for …

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Going Wild With Wildlife Gardens

chipmunk in wildlife garden

Going beyond just plants and flowers, gardens have gone to the animals with wildlife gardens. These gardens are specially designed to attract animals, birds and bugs and provide food and shelter for wildlife. They are a great way to help …

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