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Choose the Right Circuit Breaker

Electrical outlets

Standard circuit breakers used to be the go-to for homes, but these types of circuit breakers typically only protect electrical wiring and equipment, so are rarely used in residential construction now. They have been replaced by ground fault circuit interrupters …

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Protect Your House This Winter

Man changing a furnace filter

Whether your operation is based in a frigid climate or a temperate area, your customers should take steps to protect their homes over the winter. Educate them on the tasks they need to complete and stock the products they need …

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3 Often-Missed Home Maintenance Tasks

Plumbing Maintenance

When it comes to home maintenance, most homeowners have a good grasp of the maintenance tasks they need to perform on a regular basis. Other maintenance must-dos get overlooked each year. Give your customers the know-how and the products they …

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All Wrapped Up: Products Customers Need for Gift-Giving

Christmas Gifts

‘Tis the season for shopping and the season for wrapping. Along with stocking holiday gifts for your customers, become a one-stop shop by stocking everything they need to wrap up those gifts. Start with a selection of wrapping paper, including …

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Household Items Your Customers Should Replace Frequently

cleaning the counter

It can be hard to let go of some things, but for your customers’ health and safety, it’s important they replace certain common household items frequently. We’ve put together a list of five common items found in a home improvement …

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4 Holiday Decor Trends to Watch This Year

Christmas Decor around a fireplace

Heading into the heart of the holiday season, your customers are ready to turn their homes into festive holiday wonderlands. With the right product mix, you can become their go-to holiday decor shopping destination. This year, several holiday decor trends …

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Products to Prep the Yard for Winter

winter yard prep

The end of fall is the ideal time for homeowners to prep their home’s exterior and yard for the winter. The cooler temperatures and added moisture are conducive for planting grass to fill in bare spots in the yard or …

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Specialized Kitchen Storage to Stay Organized

kitchen drawers

From silverware to serving dishes, cookware to cutting boards, our kitchens are chock full of items that need to be organized. Add these products to your housewares or storage and organization departments to give your customers kitchen organization solutions.  Keep …

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