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Task vs. Relax Lighting

Relax Lighting

Finding the right lighting options for a space can be tricky, especially in multi-purpose areas; while consumers may want bright, well-lit rooms for doing tasks, they don’t necessarily want harsh lighting disrupting relaxation time and interfering with the natural winding …

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Apart Together: Products for Multi-Use Spaces

Multi-use space

In 2020, the need arose to incorporate activities traditionally conducted elsewhere (like school and work) into the home environment. One of the main difficulties faced by consumers was how to organize areas for function while maintaining that homey feel. Having …

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Resources for Retailers

covid-19 home improvement

The lull in sales and markets during the winter months is often the perfect time for retailers to catch up on industry trends, best practices and strategies. Luckily with the new focus on digital learning, there are many easy-to-access, go-at-your-own-pace …

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Products for Dual-Purpose Spaces

Dual Purpose Room

Pandemic lockdowns have been difficult in a variety of ways, including the scramble to figure out work-from-home options when there isn’t a dedicated space for a home office. There are many ways to get creative when making a home office …

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Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cleaning supplies that aren’t ideal for use around our animal friends, thanks to particular chemicals or strong scents. With that in mind, what are pet owners looking for in home cleaning products that also …

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NHS Delivers New Products

nhs connects

The number one reason retailers attend the National Hardware Show, according to former visitors, is access to new products. In this unusual year of quarantining and social distancing, the National Hardware Show has still delivered on the demand. NHS has …

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Handy Products for Home Gyms

Home Gym

During 2020, many states saw temporary shutdowns of gyms, yoga studios and other indoor recreational exercise spaces, forcing clients to either find ways to exercise outside, or to create at-home workout spaces, including taking over guest bedrooms, or carving out …

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Fireplace Products for Safe, Happy Hearths

rustic fireplace

In many places, winter is synonymous with a roaring fire in the fireplace. Having a well-maintained and well-stocked hearth is key to a season’s worth of enjoyment but that cozy fire requires more than firewood for a safe and enjoyable …

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