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Products for a Pretty Powder Room

Marble Vanity

Powder rooms are underrated in most homes, relegated to function over form. Because of their often small size, powder rooms are the ideal place to experiment with colors, patterns and trendy design. Encourage your customers to make their powder rooms …

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Going Beyond Basic With Outlet Covers

Outlet on Floral Background

When you walk into a room and turn on a light, rarely do you give thought to the switch plate cover. Typically, switch plate covers are white or cream-colored plastic, made to blend in. Help your customers add a little …

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Creating a Cozy Reading Nook

Cozy Reading Nook

As the seasons change, thoughts turn to quiet days spent cozied up inside, watching TV, reading and enjoying other leisure activities. While the couch is a perfectly good option for downtime, a reading nook offers a dedicated space for some …

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Tapping Into Pet Food Trends

Three Puppies Eating

Food trends aren’t just for humans, and many pet owners are looking for healthier, more natural and sustainable pet food options for their furry friends. Here’s a look at some of the recent pet food trends and products you can …

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Getting Creative With a Craft Room

Craft room

From crafting to sewing to painting, a craft room can take on many purposes. Help your customers create the ideal room for their hobbies with these craft room must-haves.  The Sauder Craft Pro Series crafting table has a top that …

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Loving the Laundry Room

laundry room

More than just a place to keep your washer and dryer, the laundry room can become one of the most beautiful and most functional rooms in the house with the right products. Add these items to your plumbing department to …

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Prepping for an Emergency

Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season is in full effect for many parts of the country. Severe weather is always a threat and winter storms will be here before we know it. Being prepared in a weather emergency can literally mean the difference between …

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Tankless vs. Tank: The Battle for Hot Water

Water Heater

Hot water—we use it every day, but most of us take for granted where that hot water comes from. Traditionally, your customers only had one option, a tank water heater, which heats and stores water in a tank until it’s …

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