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Embracing Social Media to Meet Customers Where They Are

As social media continues to evolve, your own social media strategy needs to keep up to meet the needs of your customers in the digital realm. Nearly 75% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, leading …

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7 Engaging Ideas for Winter Store Events

winter store events

As you look for new ways to engage with customers, store events can be an effective way to welcome customers through your doors and expose them to your brand and business. With the holidays right around the corner, winter events …

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Embracing Technology to Enhance Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty technology

Once reserved for frequent fliers and elite customers, loyalty programs have evolved and can be found in all industries, offered by companies and businesses of all sizes. Despite their popularity with retailers, most loyalty programs aren’t creating loyal customers. On …

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3 Ways to Make Your Loyalty Program More Rewarding

loyalty program

From sticking with a favorite sports team to only choosing a certain brand name, our loyalties say a lot about us as people—and some of us are much more loyal than others. In the retail world, having loyal customers can …

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Show Your Store’s Holiday Spirit

holiday display

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be tough. National rural lifestyle retailer Tractor Supply Co. recently announced it is launching “Dad Squad,” a new service to help consumers find the perfect gift for the hardest shoppers this holiday season. The purpose …

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Stay Organized With a Social Media Calendar

social media calendar

When it comes to social media strategy, one size doesn’t fit all. No matter how often you post or how many channels you belong to, a social media calendar is an easy way to plan your strategy and keep your …

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Improving Your Digital Presence With a Dynamic Website

We’ve come a long way since 1991, when the European Organization for Nuclear Research, home of the scientist who came up with the idea for the World Wide Web, launched the first website with text only and rudimentary hyperlinks. Now, …

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10 Elements to Make Your Website Shine

As you look to create a comprehensive digital presence for your operation, your website is a key aspect. But to be effective, your website needs to have several important components. Discover these must-have website elements below, and turn to Page …

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