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Understanding Payroll

The annual Cost of Doing Business Study from the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is the industry’s only inclusive benchmarking study and has been conducted annually for almost 100 years. The study provides detailed financial information from hardware stores, home centers and …

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Improving Your Inventory Accuracy

In the April issue of Hardware Retailing, we spoke with five retailers who have taken on inventory projects to address a critical point where their inventory cycle hit a snag and caused problems in the rest of the process. In addition to …

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Inventory in Motion

To view a PDF of this story, click here. To download a helpful inventory accuracy tool or to use an inventory calculator, which helps you determine the amount of lost sales due to out of stock inventory, click here. By: Liz Lichtenberger llichtenberger@nrha.org and …

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Use a Lenient Return Policy to Boost Sales

Ironically, one way to increase sales in your store is to have a lenient return policy. Big-box stores have figured it out. They’ve made it easy to return almost any item, sometimes even without a receipt. Retailers with lenient return …

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Don’t Ask These Questions During a Job Interview

A job interview can be nerve-wracking for the candidate, but it can potentially put an employer in a tricky situation, too. It’s important to be careful which questions you ask, as some that seem innocent can actually be illegal (or, …

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Service Lessons From a Lowe’s Store


Lowe’s recently got praise from reporter, business advisor and author Ian Altman writing for Forbes, who used the big box retailer as an example of how to get good customer service to last from the sale to the end of a product’s …

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NRHA Provides New Training Resources


Any store owner knows the benefits of a good training program are numerous: increased sales, better customer service, less employee turnover—the list goes on. To help you start or improve your employee training program, NRHA is dedicated to providing new training resources …

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Paint Selling Tips From a Color Expert

Paint Color Expert

When a customer browses through the many paint swatches in your paint department, are you able to help them decide which color to choose? Ultimately, the final decision is theirs, but with some knowledge from a color expert in your …

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