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Work ‘On’ The Business Rather Than ‘In’ The Business

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Most closely held business owners are able to fill up every day working in the business, doing all of the paperwork, helping customers and doing everything necessary to keep the company running. Unfortunately there are still many tasks that do …

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SPONSORED: Position Your Rental Department for Success

Like most every department in the store, rental should see a flurry of activity once the spring weather hits. Tillers and sprayers will likely be rented out every weekend as consumers start spending time in their lawns and gardens. As …

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13 Ways to Maintain a Devoted Customer Base

There are two kinds of customers: existing and the ones you haven’t met yet. Right now, 20 percent of your existing customers make up 80 percent of your sales. There are many ways to use this devoted fan base to …

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Boost New Customer Traffic In-Store and Online

You cannot control business conditions, but what you can control is how you approach your business. Build your business one client at a time, one interaction at a time. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips on how best to attract …

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Who’s Buying Houses? A Quick Look at Some Emerging Demographics

It’s an age-old tale: A new customer comes into your store and you find out he’s renting an apartment nearby. A couple of years later, he’s in the store buying paint and fixtures for his starter home. Down the road, …

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Five Business Lessons Independent Retailers Can Take Away from Sochi Olympics

It comes only every two years, and, as many of us have over the last few nights, we have spent time enamored by the amazing feats of athleticism displayed by the athletes at the Olympics. These athletes display such an …

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A Guide to Navigating Health Care

Some of you may remember the Temptations’ hit song, “Ball of Confusion,” or maybe Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” Aside from being hits, these songs’ titles also seem to sum up the way many Americans are feeling about Affordable Care Act …

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Data Breach! Don’t Become the Next Target

Odds are, you will or maybe already have been a victim. You may not even know it. As more retailers utilize technologically advanced retail systems, both online and in store, customers are growing more and more at risk for having …

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