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To Invest or Not Invest


To watch the video, click here. Jesse Carleton of Hardware Retailing magazine discusses important questions to ask yourself when investing in your company.

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Make the Most of Staff Meetings

Whether it’s a meeting about schedules, procedures or new products, the following tips will make sure your team is spending less time in the back room and more time out on the salesfloor: Create structure. Set regular times for meetings. …

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Laying the Foundation for a Succession Plan

stock-succession-planning Feature

After 20 to 30 years of hard work many owners should think about retirement and selling their company but choose not to for several different reasons. Some of those reasons are: None of the children want to continue with the …

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To Invest or Not to Invest? Questions Every Retailer Should Be Asking

Assuming you run a profitable operation, making a capital investment in your business should be one of the best financial moves you can make. Sometimes you spend out of necessity; for example, the roof needs a major repair or the furnace …

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Lute Supply’s Bold Venture into the Dual-Format

Lute Supply has spent half a century earning a reputation for success serving professional builders, contractors and tradespeople. Its list of accolades features top awards by Goodman and Amana for outstanding sales growth, market share growth and excellence in distribution. …

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What’s Your Health Care Strategy?

The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate now goes into effect Jan. 1, 2015, giving employers more time to consider their options before making a decision on their employee health care coverage. But with so many options to consider, where do you even begin? The delay is certainly …

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Three Tips to Make Your Wholesale Market Trips More Profitable

2022 Virtual Spring Market

The time comes once, if not twice, a year when you return from your wholesaler or co-op’s market and you have a decision to make. To do or not to do? The pile of market materials has found its way …

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Four Ways to Prevent Shoplifting

If you’ve been letting your loss prevention strategy slip throughout the year, now’s a good time to put it back into focus. Your theft-prevention strategy should include these four steps: Have good customer service. This is the single most effective …

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