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Crafting Job Descriptions to Attract High-Caliber Candidates

Job Description

With ongoing labor shortages and hiring challenges, keeping your business properly staffed can be a daunting task. According to the World Economic Forum, there are currently more than 10.7 million job openings but only 5.7 million potential employees to fill …

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Crafting a Job Description for a Manager

Manager Job Description

Not every job description is created equal. While entry level positions, such as the sales associate position broken down on Page 44, are generally the same, management positions can be diverse. Managers are required to have different qualifications, such as …

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Lancaster Announces New Online Ordering Platform

Lancaster ordering platform

In an effort to better serve its customers, Lancaster released a new online store and ordering platform. Senior marketing coordinator lead Nick Weiner​​ says the company worked closely with software developer Chris Bevan to create the new site, which will …

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Catch Up On the Independent Retailer Index Quarterly Report

The Independent Retailer Index, developed by the North American Hardware and Paint Association (NHPA) in partnership with The Farnsworth Group, serves as a regular measure of the independent channel’s performance. Discover how your business is faring and determine where you …

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How Retailers Are Tackling Inflation Heading Into 2023

retailer resources

In January, U.S. inflation started high and has bounced up and down throughout the year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation hit a 40-year high of 9.1% in July. By October, the inflation rate dropped to 7.7%, …

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Home Improvement Operations With Unconventional Revenue Streams

Unconventional Revenue Streams

While on the surface they may not go together like peanut butter and jelly or rock and roll, some business partnerships just work. From food to flowers, Hardware Retailing found four retail operations with unusual business combinations that have paid …

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Retailers Make the Holidays Bright for Their Communities

holidays bright

In the December edition of Checkouts, retailers shared how they bring holiday joy to their customers and communities. Here, we share several more examples of the different ways retailers are making the holidays bright. Happy Helpers Decorate Hardware Store Lee …

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How To Achieve Merchandising Consistency Across Locations

merchandising consistency

Merchandising can be an overwhelming concept to tackle with one store and becomes even more complicated across multiple locations. Setting standards and accomplishing consistency throughout your business builds your brand, allowing customers to more easily recognize it, appreciate its strengths …

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