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Revolutionizing Retail: Using Technology to Build a Smarter Store

To view a PDF of this story, click here. Picture it: A customer walks into your store and receives an alert on his phone about a special on charcoal for his grill. He received the alert because he purchased a …

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Using Technology to Improve Retail

In the September issue of Hardware Retailing, we looked at six areas of your business where technology can help make your store a true “smart store.” In this video, we’ll further explore those six areas and learn more about how …

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From Milkshakes to Pokémon, Cabirac Keeps Retail Fun


To learn more about James Cabirac’s vision for Kief Hardware, his thoughts on the industry and NRHA, click here to watch an extended interview.  The Cool Cajun By Dan Tratensek, dant@nrha.org There’s something about James Cabirac’s impish grin that immediately lets …

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Check Out These Resources on Data Security

Data security

In a story in the September 2016 issue of Hardware Retailing magazine, industry experts discuss how to prevent and handle issues related to data security. By speaking with these experts and doing research for the story, Hardware Retailing gathered the …

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FBI Q&A: How to Deal With Data Theft


James C. Trainor, assistant director of the FBI Cyber Division, took questions from Hardware Retailing on how small businesses can prevent cybercrime and work with law enforcement to investigate cybercrimes. Hardware Retailing (HR): Why are cybercrimes increasingly important for the FBI to investigate? James …

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Q&A: How Small Businesses Can Survive Cybercrime

Scott Reynolds is CEO of Member Insurance, which provides risk management and insurance solutions to hardware stores, building material dealers, lumber dealers and related businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. The agency provides cyber liability products, which are policies specifically …

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Why Smart Home Technology Needs a Place in Your Store

Smart Home Technology

To view a PDF of this story, click here. By Jesse Carleton, jcarleton@nrha.org Be an Early Adopter Meet David and Liz. They just purchased a new home. They also just purchased a new smart thermostat for that home, which means they …

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Tips for Retaining Quality Employees

Once you find those employees who fit your company culture and deliver high customer service consistently, you want to keep them. While every hard-working employee deserves a good wage and pay raises, money isn’t the only motivator. Employees usually place …

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