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Autonomous Robots Foster Employee Efficiency

McCoy's autonomous robots

As the company strives to elevate customer service and improve on-shelf availability and the price integrity of its products, McCoy’s Building Supply has partnered with Badger Technologies to bring autonomous robots into stores.  After a successful pilot of five robots, …

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A New View: Meyer Ace Hardware Uncovers Historic Windows

Covered up for over three decades, a set of historic windows at Meyer Ace Hardware in Petoskey, Michigan, are opening up a new view. Co-owner Matt Meyer says the windows were boarded over during the 1970s energy crisis because they …

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Cool Shrink With Theft Heat Maps

theft heat maps

Costing businesses money and peace of mind, shrink takes a toll on the retail industry, especially on independently owned and small- and medium-size businesses. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) National Retail Security Survey 2022 discovered retail shrink, which includes organized …

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Multiple Locations Bring Additional Success for The Paint Shoppes

The Paint Shoppes

What others might call saturated, John McKenna calls success. John and his brother Buddy McKenna are the owners of The Paint Shoppes, a five-store operation in the Providence, Rhode Island, area. The state is home to 1 million residents with …

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Home Improvement Industry Leaders Gather in North Carolina

Sales and marketing leaders from across the home improvement manufacturing landscape came together for the 52nd spring meeting of the Hardware Marketing Council (HMC) held May 30-June 1 at The Washington Duke Inn in Durham, North Carolina. HMC is made …

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Wilco Co-op CEO Plans for Retirement at End of 2023

Wilco CEO

After four years leading Wilco Co-op as CEO, Sam Bugarsky has announced he will be retiring from the company at the end of 2023. Bugarsky was serving as chief operating officer prior to taking the helm as CEO in 2019 …

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Innovation Doesn’t Require Vast Internal Teams

IT team

While they might understand the important role innovation plays in an operation’s success, many retailers believe technology has to be expensive or complicated. In the July issue of Hardware Retailing magazine, we explored the basic technology processes, programs and systems …

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How Flexible Scheduling Can Improve Morale

Wilco employees

With a willingness to embrace change and evolve, Wilco Stores has found great success and built a strong company culture. TJ Colson, president of Wilco Stores, says the core values of integrity, excellence, respect, accountability, teamwork and community set the …

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