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House Gutter-Swab

Gutter-Swab applies 100 percent contact to the contoured surface of siding or gutters. Its cleaning pads are made to fit the contour of any type of gutter, and its scrubbing pads are made from a Space Age sponge material that …

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Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Technology

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Technology - Video

To watch the full video, click here. Thom Ward, senior manager, product development, gives viewers a tour of Char-Broil’s new and innovative products on display at the National Hardware Show. For more from Char-Broil, visit www.charbroil.com.

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Under the Sea

Under the Sea - Feature

To watch the full video, click here. Dan Tratensek comes to you live from under the sea. Dan specifically sought out these new products as a way to help you differentiate your product assortments. We hope you love these fun …

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Live From The Forest

Live From the Forest - Feature

To watch the full video, click here. Dan Tratensek takes a break from building the Tratensek survival hut out in the forest to present his favorite products from the month. From folding shovels to camp aprons, these new products lend …

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Differentation through Assortment Planning

Differentation through Assortment Planning - Feature

To watch the full video, click here. As the race for customer service gets harder, independent retailers must think of creative ways to differentiate their stores. In this month’s vlog, Managing Editor Jaime Koch walks you through her top five …

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New Products Vlog: January 2013

To watch the full video, click here. Publisher Dan Tratensek shares his favorite new products from January in his monthly vlog. This month, he comes to you live from, where else, but a winter wonderland. See what’s trending.

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The Bonide Revenge

The Bonide Revenge - Feature

Bonide acquires the Revenge brand and launches new ant control category. Reclaim your territory from invasive ants. Bonide Revenge will help you get rid of those pests for good.

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Home Grown: An In-Depth Look at the Local Shopping Movement

To complement original proprietary research on the timely issue of shopping local, we feature an exclusive consumer panel to gain insights into consumers who are committed to patronizing local companies and buying American-made products.

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