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Spray-On Craft Glue and Sealer

Craft Glue

Mod Podge® products work as all-in-one glue, sealant and finish for crafts like decoupage. Mod Podge Ultra Gloss is a water-based sealant that dries quickly and naturally self-levels, which eliminates brush marks. The formula can be cleaned off using soap …

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Sewer Vent Defroster

Sewer Vent Defroster

The Sewer Skewer is a copper defroster that fits into the top of a home’s sewer vent to keep it clear of ice and snow during cold weather. The pipe draws heat from the warm sewer gas and conducts it …

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Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Fire Pit

The Flame Genie is a portable fire pit that uses wood pellets and a gravitational afterburner system to create flames and heat with less smoke than traditional wood fire pits. The bottom ring detaches and fits inside the top ring, …

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Multiuse Massager


The TriggerPoint AcuCurve Cane is a home remedy to relieve muscle tightness, aches, pains and stress or sports-related muscle tension. The extra-firm tip applies targeted pressure to help break up knots in muscle fibers. The double massage ball design allows …

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How the International Hardware Fair Connects a Global Industry

international hardware fair

Finding new ways to grow your business is critical. From scouting local opportunities to taking a global glimpse of the home improvement industry, there are many avenues for you to find new products and boost sales. At the 2020 EISENWARENMESSE …

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Soil Probiotic

soil probiotic

Soil Activator™ creates healthier plants and higher yields, with reduced fertilizer and water use. It improves plant nutrient uptake by converting soil minerals into absorbable nutrients. Soil Activator is 100 percent certified organic and contains no GMOs or chemically synthesized …

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Heat Gun

heat gun

The RIDGID® Butane 18-volt Heat Gun is a cordless tool that uses natural gas for fuel. The gun reaches temperatures up to 1,400 F and can hold a temperature above 1,200 F for up to 25 minutes. Cool-down mode helps …

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Charcoal-Filtered Sports Bottle


The Eau Good Duo bottle utilizes Binchotan charcoal sticks to filter drinking water and improve flavor. The bottle can also be used to infuse flavors from fruits into water. The charcoal has a six-month lifespan and is secured in the …

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