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Case Studies

How I Did It: Sharing Profits With Employees

The associates who interact with your customers on the salesfloor, offer their advice on products and projects and keep a store running are the lifeblood of the home improvement industry. To reward employees who contribute to sales growth, Island Hardware …

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Increasing the Salesfloor Efficiency at Tarzian Hardware

Neal Aissa Tarzian Hardware Brooklyn, New York Numbers to Watch: Sales Per Square Foot, Gross Margin Per Square Foot, Inventory Per Square Foot The Challenge Operating a 3,500-square-foot hardware store within walking distance of two big-box retailers means Neal Aissa, …

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360-Degree Views: Amazon, Menards, Target, Tractor Supply and Walmart


You know who your big-box and online competitors are, but do you truly understand the inner workings of their business? To help independent retailers grasp what’s going on with some of the world’s largest retailers, Hardware Retailing has been compiling packages …

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A 360-Degree View of Target

next-day delivery

To view the complete PDF of this story, click here. By Renee Changnon, rchangnon@nrha.org, Kate Klein, kklein@nrha.org, and Melanie Moul, mmoul@nrha.org  Target has a reputation: The big-box retailer with flair. The company’s stores are destinations for parents picking up groceries, newly …

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A 360-Degree View of Amazon

This article was originally printed in the August 2014 issue of Hardware Retailing. To view a complete PDF of the story, click here. By the time you read this story, it might very well be outdated—but that’s the nature of …

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