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childproofing products

Where Consumers Buy Products to Keep Baby Safe

childproofing productsMany U.S. homeowners use hidden latches to keep children out of cabinets and gates to prevent toddlers from tumbling down the stairs. But what are the top childproofing products consumers buy, and where do they purchase those items?

Hardware Retailing surveyed two groups of about 1,000 consumers each, and found that the products they most commonly use are electrical outlet covers and safety gates. Shoppers buy those items at a variety of stores, but 25 percent turn to home improvement and hardware stores to find what they need to childproof their homes.

Applied to Retail:

Consider if child safety products could sell well for your business. Less than 10 percent of consumers currently buy those items at independent hardware stores, but that may open opportunities for you. If you get into the niche and train your staffers about the products parents need and why, you could differentiate your store with the expert advice. To learn more about selling the niche, click here.

childproofing products

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