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Consumers Hit the Road in 84 Lumber Tiny Homes

After facing an unpredictable economy, consumers continue to search for ways to cut costs. So what is one solution people have turned to? Tiny homes.

Today, more individuals than ever are seeking housing alternatives to live frugally. And as the tiny house market grows, home improvement retailers are trying to get a piece of the action.

To answer the demand, 84 Lumber has introduced a new line of portable tiny homes called Tiny Living by 84 Lumber. According to Builder Online, this new venture “makes it the first-ever major retailer and only large building materials retailer to tap into the new market and offer competitively priced custom-built houses no bigger than 200 square feet.”

The Tiny Living plans come in a variety of options, including Build Your Own, Semi-DIY and Move-In Ready. Packages start at $6,884 and go all the way up to $49,884 or more. With these three options, 84 Lumber offers four tiny home models that both DIYers and move-in ready homeowners would like. Each model can be customized and they range in size from 150 square feet to 200 square feet.

According to 84 Lumber, the homes range in style from classic to contemporary and are a portable option, providing homeowners with financial freedom and a greener environmental footprint.

The Tiny Living models all come on a wheeled trailer, rather than being laid down in foundation and having to be built to various city codes.

The Roving model is one of the tiny houses introduced by the company, and just like the other portable homes, it allows homeowners to have the freedom to move or go green, according to an article in the Observer-Reporter.

“This model is for adventurous people who want to go green, or a retired couple looking to stretch their income,” Thom Kuntz, director of merchandising for 84 Lumber explains to the Observer-Reporter. “If [a consumer] wants to move from place to place, or be a minimalist, this is it.”

While some consumers may want a tiny home for their permanent residence, some may view the 84 Lumber models as a way to take home on the road.

“This could be a vacation or second home for someone,” Kuntz says. “An extension cord, a garden hose and a bag of groceries and they’re good to go. But make sure you’re outdoorsy if you’re going to be entertaining guests, because the guest room, the play room—they are literally out the window with one of these.”

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