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Consumers Return to Nature

In 2016, expect consumers to be looking to the outdoor living category for ways to integrate technology into outdoor experiences.

The concept of merging technology with the outdoors is the focus of Garden Media Group’s 2016 Garden Trends Report, titled Syncing with Nature.

The report highlights eight different consumer trends as opportunities in the outdoor living category in 2016.

“Whether it’s syncing to the iCloud, sinking their toes in the grass, or syncing plants with local ecosystems that support wildlife, people want to get back in sync with nature,” the report says.

Below are the eight trends identified by Garden Media Group in the report, as well as a brief explanation of each one.



Applied to Retail: Be sure to discuss these eight trends with your employees before you head into the spring selling season.

Use store displays or signage to inform customers about the on-trend products you carry. For example, highlight your pet friendly products so animal lovers can easily find the products they need.

Keep photos and magazines handy to offer ideas to consumers who need inspiration or want to see how a plant will look after it has matured.

To participate in the naTECHure trend, host classes for children, teaching them about types of plants and how to grow them, as well as the new gardening technology available.

The makers movement is a DIY trend that is only getting bigger. Consumers want to go beyond painting or making small repairs to their homes. Read more about trends in the outdoor living category.

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