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Content Marketing Builds Credibility and Customer Base

You’ve probably heard the term content marketing bandied about. In many ways, it’s the “new marketing.” But just what is this practice, what can it do for me as a hardware retailer, and how is it conducted?

At its core, content marketing is simple: Create published content (today, often in digital formats) that consumers will value and turn to for advice, insights and instructions. Then, when it’s time to purchase the tools, materials and other supplies they need to do a job or project, you are top of mind for the buy.

As the “how-to,” “what-to” and “when-to” expert, you grow awareness for your brand, establish expertise, build trust, increase traffic (both online and in-store), and grow sales.

But just how is content marketing done? Brandpoint surveyed a cross-section of marketers and retailers in the home & garden industry to glean answers to questions like these:

  • What outcomes do industry retailers most want from content marketing activities?
  • What kinds of tools are in the content marketing toolbox, and which ones are working best?
  • Is social media (a form of content) really that important these days?
  • What are roadblocks to overcome on the quest to create relevant, helpful content?

Click here to take a look at Brandpoint’s infographic for answers, see how your content strategy stacks up, then make some plans to grow your content marketing efforts.

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