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Create the Perfect Home Security Display

Security is a top priority to homeowners everywhere, and they’re looking for more than just alarm systems. You can merchandise products from several departments throughout your store to create a home security display, promoting products you already have, increasing your transaction size and letting your customers know your store is the place to go for home security.

Below are a few products you can include in your home security display.


Locksets, dead bolts and strike plates are all important products for customers looking for a way to make doors more secure. They may also be interested in door chains or locks for their windows, too. Also consider offering the newer WiFi-compatible locks that allow homeowners to use remotely or keep track of who enters their home. These locks are more expensive, but your younger and more tech-savvy customers will appreciate that you offer these products.


Customers will want more than a motion-sensor light. Attractive porch and landscape lighting helps deter burglars while adding curb appeal. The general rule of thumb for landscape or pathway lighting is one light for every few feet; make sure customers get enough lights to cover their front landscaping or sidewalk. And they may want more than one porch light; some homes have matching lights on either side of the front door or a light near the garage that complements the one at the front door.


Again, it’s more than curb appeal–some types of plants can actually deter burglars. Rosebushes or other plants with thorns are good examples. And ivy or some other sort of climbing plant offers one more obstacle for a burglar. Gravel crunches when it’s walked on, and the noise helps homeowners hear if someone is outside the home. It’s also important for homeowners to maintain their lawns and landscaping (an unkempt yard signals a deserted home), so remind your customers of the importance of regularly mowing the lawn, raking leaves or shoveling snow and trimming the weeds.

Blinds or Curtains

Customers who want to keep would-be burglars from getting a look inside their homes (or who simply want a little privacy) will be looking for blinds or curtains. Make sure to offer a variety of colors, sizes and styles, and don’t forget about accessories, such as curtain rods.

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