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Creating a List of Professional Service Providers in Your Area

While you may be able to provide all the products a customer needs for a project, they may still need a helping hand with actually accomplishing their DIY goals. Offering your customers a list of local service providers and professionals for plumbing, electrical, painting or general handyman services shows you’re willing to go the extra mile and build rapport with other local businesses. Check out these four tips for putting together your own list of resources.

  1. Ask around.

    Talk to trusted customers for recommendations on the contractors they use. Most likely, you also already have contractors as part of your customer base who would love the extra promotion.

  2. Offer paper and digital copies.

    Make it easy for your customers to access your list by keeping hard copies on hand in your store and creating a page on your website to share the list digitally.

  3. Do your homework.

    When you recommend someone, they become an extension of your own business. Before adding anyone to your list, check out their credentials and reviews to be sure they provide high-quality and fully licensed work.

  4. Seek out cross promotions.

    Don’t be afraid to ask your recommended service providers if they’ll also recommend your business to their customers in return for you adding them to your resources list.

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