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Diamond Vogel Announces 2022 Color of the Year and Annual Color Trend Report

Zenith (0647) - Diamond Vogel 2022 Color of the YearDiamond Vogel announced their 2022 Color of the Year: Zenith (0647), a deep blue that frees spirits and makes powerful statements of empowerment and strength while offering quiet beauty connecting spaces, cultures and generations.

“This serene hue evokes feelings of peaceful confidence, compassion, and courage, all important today as we navigate through and reinvent many aspects of our lives,” says Sandy Agar-Studelska, Diamond Vogel marketing manager. “Inspired by both sea and sky, this hue takes its cue from the power of the ocean and the quiet beauty of sky’s last light. Zenith’s creative spirit delivers inspiration to both residential and commercial interior and exterior spaces, offering a welcoming, friendly hello, as well as staying power with confidence and uplifting energy.”

In addition to the announcement of their color of the year, Diamond Vogel released their 2022 Color Trend Report.

“Our trend report, ‘Emerging and Moving Forward,’ provides twenty colors in four trend palettes providing inspirational color for both interior and exterior spaces. As we set a path forward from the pandemic, we search for ways to streamline and find balance in our lives,” says Agar-Studelska. “Fresh color can offer inspiration by providing quiet, restful spaces or energize us to take action. Diamond Vogel’s 2022 Trend Palettes offer collections that deliver optimism, energy, confidence and meditative reflection.”

Zenith pairs well as an accent with Diamond Vogel’s 2022 Trend colors, providing a distinct statement when paired with neutrals and near-whites. As a grounding color, this deep blue complements greens, soft blues and yellows.

Diamond Vogel’s 2022 trend palettes include:

The Comfort Zone

We must adapt to change as a necessity of life. It is constant in the human experience, but it is not easy to embrace. With so many challenges before us, remembering to include expressions of kindness, encouragement and comfort to ourselves and others empowers us to move through difficulties. This palette offers colors of strength and resilience, helping to create environments that both inspire and comfort.

New Day

The importance of nature is highlighted in our renewed celebration and enjoyment of the outdoors. Nature refreshes itself with cleansing rains, bright sun, dark clouds and the changing of seasons. Nature’s variety inspires this palette, celebrating shady woods, flora, water and sky. Take time to enjoy nature’s beauty; it will cleanse your soul and grant you clarity of mind and body.

No Boundaries

One consideration that has come out of the pandemic is the desire to live our best life, even if it is different than how we imagined. Living a life of joy and abundance does not need to be based in material things. There are many ways to find new experiences, develop new friendships, explore a new hobby or craft or take a class that exposes you to new ideas. We challenge you to find your next adventure in color, placing no boundaries on where you go next. Color adds excitement, offers joy and can help deliver a new perspective.

Simply Home

Home is our shelter, protector and identity. We ask a lot of our dwellings: to keep us safe, give us a place to rest, dream of the future and work through daily trials. Home is also an extension of our personality and style. We create spaces that reflect it and celebrate it, supporting us both physically and emotionally. This palette of soft, serene color offers hues that create these special spaces in our homes, offering us feelings of being loved, nurtured and protected.

About Diamond Vogel
Diamond Vogel is a manufacturer of high-quality paint and coatings based in Orange City, Iowa. Founded in 1926, Diamond Vogel provides coating solutions to the industrial, architectural, industrial wood, automotive, aerosol, traffic, and toll manufacturing markets. For more information about Diamond Vogel visit their website at diamondvogel.com.

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