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TeamBuilder Webinar

Did You Miss These Webinars? Catch Up Today

Managing stress in the workplace is a priority under normal circumstances—but amid COVID-19, this topic is both important and timely. 

In August, NRHA hosted a webinar: “Tools & Tips to Help Your Team Through Stressful Times.” 

NRHA retail consultant Kim Peffley and Scott Wright, executive director of the NRHA Retail Leadership Institute, led the webinar, which looked at how stress can affect teams and businesses. 

Attendees learned tools to support their teams by helping them control, prevent and reduce stress.
The webinar also explored TeamBuilder organizational development assessments and DiSC theory,
which divides people into four main behavioral styles. 

Visit to get more information on how TeamBuilder can benefit your organization. 

COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Home Improvement Industry
Dan Tratensek, NRHA executive vice president and executive editor of Hardware Retailing,
recently presented a webinar called “COVID-19: Its Impact on the Home Improvement Industry.”
In the webinar, which was sponsored by Epicor, Tratensek looked at how the COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on the home improvement industry. He also examined how the industry reacted during the first weeks of the outbreak and how consumer attitudes about their homes may be forever changed.


What’s in the Webinar

  • New, proprietary research from NRHA
  • Industry research
  • Real feedback from retailers on the frontlines

Missed the Webinar? Don’t Stress!

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Julie Leinwand
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