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It’s Getting Drafty in Here

Draft-proofing doors and windows is a classic home improvement project, but sometimes it’s the oldies-but-goodies that keep hardware stores at the top of consumers’ minds. Whether prepping for extreme temperatures or emergency weather events, homeowners turn to their local retailers for reliable products for common projects. Help customers draft-proof their home and you may have a customer for life. Here are some helpful tips:

Common Solutions: Windows and doors often are the draftiest locations in a home, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained. Help customers get their energy loss under control by educating them about common solutions. Weatherstripping, for example, may seem self-explanatory to those of us in the industry, but first-time homeowners may not be aware of how easy peel-and-stick solutions, like V-Seal Weatherstripping, can be to apply. Foam tape is another simple draft-proofing solution for new DIYers with warped or less than snug doors. Even seasoned homeowners can get into trouble when they don’t have time, neglecting to re-caulk windows and doors. Retailers can introduce them to products like the 18V One+ Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun that makes quick work of caulking projects, saving customers money and time. The door sweep is another product that often gets overlooked to the detriment of energy bills. Retailers can help customers choose from heavy-duty, drip cap, wooden, or brush sweeps to find the best solution for them. 

Common Culprits: Beyond obvious problem areas like windows, doors, and attics, homeowners may not realize how much energy they are losing to small culprits. Help them troubleshoot by calling out overlooked places for energy loss like cable lines and wires, fireplaces, and dryer vents. Cable lines often need just a little caulk or foam insulation to seal them up tight. Fireplaces might need a piece of thick foam insulation to give the damper a boost, and old dryer vents can benefit from a seal that keeps the duct closed when not in use or a new vent like the Dryer Vent Made Easy from HY-C.   

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