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Email Metrics You Should Be Measuring

One way to ensure you’re using email to its full potential as a marketing tool is to regularly check analytics provided by your email marketing provider, which may be a service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

While each email platform provides certain analytics tracking features, there are a handful of stats you should always keep your eye on. Being mindful of your email analytics helps you better understand what your customers respond to and can help you improve your content.

email metrics

1. Open Rate

How many people are actually opening your emails? If you see high open rates for certain emails and low open rates for others, compare the differences between the types of content. If you know your open rate, you can try new subject line structures to increase opens and use the data to evaluate what’s working with your customers.

2. Unsubscribes

Paying attention to your unsubscribe rate is essential to make sure your contact list isn’t decreasing too rapidly. If you’re trying something new, watch the unsubscribe rate to see how your customers are responding. If you’re noticing high unsubscribe rates, consider changing how frequently you send emails or rethink your messaging.

3. Time of Day

If you send your email first thing in the morning, but most of your customers don’t read the email until late in the evening, you may want to consider changing the time of day you send your messages. You want to send emails when your customers are most likely to check their inbox to ensure you catch their eye.

4. Link Clicks

Are customers engaging with the links in your emails? If you’re including multiple links in a single eblast, which links are grabbing customers’ attention, and why might this be? Understanding how your customers engage with your emails can help you improve future messaging to drive more traffic to your website.

5. Device Type

It’s important to note how your customers access your email, whether on a phone or a computer, if your email marketing provider offers that information. If most of your customers read your emails on a phone, but your emails aren’t designed for easy viewing on mobile screens, you could run into high unsubscribe rates or low engagement.

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