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Products for Homebound Hobbyists

Even before the pandemic hit, a growing interest in artisanal products spurred consumers to look back at some of the ways their grandparents cooked, cleaned and kept a home. Out of this desire to create more hands-on, homemade items, or a need to pursue a hobby during social distancing, demand for a myriad of home products increased considerably. Some of the many popular hobbies splashed across the Internet include:

Baking: So popular was this undertaking that groceries and online purveyors ran out of flour stock in 2020. The fun continues this year as consumers desiring to create the perfect loaf are seeking items from bread lames and proofing baskets to bread peels and specialty pans. Even automatic bread makers, such as the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker™ 2lb. Breadmaker, are hot items for those who want to bake fresh breads but don’t want to invest the time or labor in doing everything by hand.  

Canning and Food Preservation: Putting up the season’s harvest also became popular as not only the gardening craze boomed, but as more consumers became interested in other homemade products such as jams, jellies and pickles. Items such as mason jars also gained popularity as consumers used them for meals-in-a-jar, as rustic drinkware, and for crafting their own products such as candles and bath products. 

Home Brewing: Craft beer remains popular across the country, and micro-breweries continue to pop up in cities and even small towns. Beer brewing kits, like those by Northern Brewer contain nearly everything to start brewing at home right away. High tech options, like the BeerDroid by BrewArt bring full automation and Wi-Fi connectivity to the art of home beer making.

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