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Fall Project Guide

Gardening can be at its peak, but don’t forget some of those quiet categories that pull down profits.

Be sure to support your product line with information and a well-educated staff. You want to sell the entire project, encourage other projects, and be the answer to the questions for those projects.


Project Tools, Services to do the Job
Raking the Leaves Rakes, Tarps, Wheelbarrows, Leave Blowers
Winterizing the Home Caulk, Weather Stripping, Foam insulation, Rope Caulk, Door Shoes, Door Sweeps
Maintaining Outdoor Power Equipment Replacement parts, Rental, Repair Services
Pruning Trees and Shrubs Tree saws, chain saws, pruners
Cleaning out the Gutters Gloves, Ladder, Bags
Painting Paint, Paint brushes, Tape, Tarps, Paint Trays, Rollers
Staining the Deck Stain, Brushes
Pest Proofing Insecticides, Mouse traps
Cooking out Grills, Grill accessories, Recreational products like Frisbees and footballs
Prepping Back to School Pencils, Paper, Binders, File Cabinets


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