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The Tools You Need to Fight Frosty Weather

Snow and ice can be perilous. Keep your customers safe and help them continue their day-to-day activities by supplying the products they need to battle cold weather.

Snowblowers. Used to clear snow effectively and efficiently, snowblowers can be pricey but should be considered a long-lasting investment. With different types, clearing widths and energy sources available, stocking a variety of options for your customers is key. Cub Cadet’s 1X 21-Inch LHP Snow Blower is a versatile snow clearing option that won’t break your customers’ banks. Simplicity’s P2138 38-Inch 420cc Signature Series Two-Stage Snow Blower is worth the splurge for consumers looking to clear large areas quickly. 

Shovels. Economical and enduring, shovels come in various heights, widths, colors and materials. Despite being labor-intensive and time-consuming, shovels are still a classic snow removal method; they excel in maneuverability, do not require maintenance or preparation before use and provide the user control over snow relocation. Bully Tools’ Steel Snow Pusher With Fiberglass Handle clears heavy snow while reducing hand fatigue. Sunnydaze Decor’s Heavy Duty Rolling 26-Inch Snow Pusher provides a more effortless snow removal experience and an adjustable, padded handle for increased comfort. Consider stocking Nordic Plow’s 79-Inch Lightweight Snow Plow for customers that prefer no labor yet still desire the simplicity associated with shovels. 

Chemicals. Sodium chloride or rock salt and calcium chloride work well on ice and are simple to use. They are reasonably priced but require reoccurring purchases. They come in many forms including pellets, flakes, liquid, geo-crystals and granules. Sodium chloride is the affordable option, but it can damage cement, soil, asphalt, stone, brick and parts of your vehicle. Calcium chloride is more expensive but better for the pavements and soil. Both can contaminate water and are harmful to pets. Green Ice Melt’s Liquid Happy Paws is a safe option for pets, and the spray application makes it efficient and easy to use.

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