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Five Holiday Loss Prevention Tips

The National Retail Federation offers the following loss-prevention tips for retailers during the holiday shopping season, which includes the days after Christmas when customers are spending their holiday cash and gift cards:

  1. Have your experienced staff members team up with new and seasonal workers so the newbies can learn from observing your veterans use loss prevention techniques.
  2. Keep your loss prevention officers out and about so they’re visible in the stores and shoppers are aware they’re being supervised.
  3. Use technology to track when you’re busiest, so you have enough staff on hand to watch for shoplifting.
  4. Keep minimal amounts of money in the cash register, and teach your employees to identify counterfeit money.
  5. Update antivirus security software on your computers and keep passwords secure so your orders are safe.

To read the full article from the National Retail Federation, click here.


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